Here are articles and essays, some quite old, on a variety of subjects that don’t seem to fit elsewhere on this site. Slate links will take you to Slate’s web site.

TV Land
Assessing the entertainment value of shows about real estate and property
from The New York Times Magazine/Key.

March 18, 2007

Why We Laff
About the guy who invented laugh tracks,
from The New York Times Magazine.

December 28, 2003

The Business of Blue Man
An article about the Group,
from Fortune Small Business.

March 2003

Why Isn’t Eleni Mandell Famous?
Regarding the Los Angeles
singer-songwriter, from Slate.

February 19, 2003

You Don’t Know Lucinda

Williams, that is. From Slate.
June 11, 2001

Fauxhemian Rhapsody
An essay about fauxhemians,
later cited by Wordspy, from the
New York Times Magazine.

January 23, 2000

Ray Davies: A Chat
With the Kinks frontman.
From New Times Los Angeles.

October 31, 1998

Rick Prelinger
A short article about the “media archeologist,”
from New Times Los Angeles.

September 4, 1997

Erik Drooker
A brief tour of the artist’s megalopolis,
from the sadly departed World Art Magazine.

Fall 1998

Camilo Vergara
The photographer. “We are there, but
we are not there.” An article from New York.

April 22, 1996

Andrew Kopkind
His “Thirty Years’ Wars.”
From The Texas Observer.

September 11, 1995

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